About Us


High Performance & Aesthetic Fireplaces in North Cyprus.

We would like to welcome you to our company. We wish to bring my knowledge and passion forward, toward all the elements and concerns regarding choosing a fireplace. Since the establishment in 1996, as the first fireplace company to the North Cyprus marketplace, we run our business with the articulate care and professionalism necessary, and wish to invite you to join our satisfied customers and client list and experience the responsive way our company runs this highly skilled organisation.

Akinlar Fireplaces – loves a real fire and we take selling fires seriously…

We offer premium quality and design fireplaces with safety – our first priority – depending on the needs of our customers. We have a friendly relationship based on trust, understanding and respect. With the greatest of pleasure we will be glad to serve you as our respected customer, solve and assist you with any and all your needs. We have a corporate company policy to “gain friendships, not customers”.

Our Mission

To provide a consistency in quality through our experienced and knowledgeable team, ready at your service, combined with our comfort warranty and certification, is the top goal of this family business. Akınlar has post services and support immediately available after the sale. We stock spare parts and consumables for all our products, together with immediate dispatch services and trained technicians to solve any problem which may occur.

Our Aim

100% Customer Satisfaction, combined with premium high quality fireplaces. We only deal with the best manufacturers offering high performance equipment and materials, and support and services to take you to the greatest heights. You will find an immediate response and a professional attitude for an immediate solution to all that concerns you, the customer.

Our Vision
Trust, respect and understanding! As a caring family business our policy is to bring the best prices, high quality safe brands and services to the North Cyprus marketplace, with a trustable brand-name. The company has a corporate and social responsibility.

Akinlar Fireplaces Advise
As this is a major item to purchase, the safety factor is huge. The first and bigger trap in the marketplace of closed fireplaces and wood burning stoves, is their counterpart appearance! Not one fireplace is the same as another, even though it appears to be the same. Each model has varying functionalities, proportions and safety guidelines which are paramount according to each person’s individual requirements, expectancy and circumstances.

What to Choose to Best Suit You?
All closed fireplaces, with the only difference being their design (corner, straight, sun-lit, large or small), look the same. None however are the same as the other and it is a big mistake to move to a market-driven view and price. Before proceeding with the purchase of energy source, you should consider the commitment to expert services, trustability and budget.

Services Include:
– Production
– Trading
– Import
– Export
– Guidance
– Safety Assistance
– Sales and Installations
– Maintenance of Chimneys
– After Sales Support
– Warranty and Guarantee Certificate


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